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The Center for Integrated Research on the Environment (CIRE) brings world-class applied research methods and management practices to many natural and cultural projects under federal, state, and tribal jurisdictions.

One of CIRE's primary goals is to help the Department of Defense maintain mission readiness by completing various projects and tasks. To that end, CIRE directly oversees or has direct access to research laboratories and cutting-edge field equipment across the University of Montana, specializing in many areas such as:

  • anthropological and archaeological field-processing and curation
  • ecological simulation modeling
  • genetics and gene sequencing
  • human environmental health and toxicology
  • metals analyses
  • plant physiology
  • soils analyses
  • state-of-the-art GIS
  • water quality analyses
  • wildland fire
  • wildlife physiology

The CIRE Director, Project Managers, and Faculty Partners have collectively published over 1,000 peer-reviewed publications in prestigious international journals and books and are world leaders in their respective fields. In addition to the CIRE and UM Team, CIRE draws from a broad array of professionals in academia and consulting firms to form an extensive network of colleagues and collaborators worldwide.