CIRE employs a workflow model with Scopes-of-Work (SoW) initiated by various Agencies, such as the Air Force, that are sent to program Sponsors, like USACE - Omaha District. SOWs, once finalized, are posted to various project outlets. The projects are then reviewed by the Management Team and sent to the CIRE Director, who does a preliminary analysis of the desired work and follows up with the Sponsor (i.e., USACE – Program and Contracting Officers) for clarification of any questions. The Director then brings together the CIRE Management Team to determine who will make up the project working group, and what research and support lines and appropriate additional faculty and professional personnel will be needed to complete the SoW.

Proceeding with a particular project SoW is only fully initiated upon approval from both the agency Program Officer, Contracting Officer and an “Authorization to Proceed” from the University’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP).

All CIRE projects are administered through the CIRE Office.  “Response and execution” of projects on a daily basis are done by a Project Investigator, CIRE Management Team, and specialists that work with/for CIRE.  However, in cases when projects are large and involve multiple areas of expertise Project Investigators will involve other faculty, staff and facilities as needed.

CIRE has completed projects at over 70 different DOD properties throughout the United States and is currently seeking to expand its operations to the Pacific.