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New MA in Literature Option: Ecocriticism

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MA & MFA Graduate Studies

Thank you for your interest in our graduate programs at the University of Montana. The Department of English offers programs leading to a Master of Arts (MA) in Literature, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing. Regardless of their chosen emphasis and degree program, our students are guided by a distinguished and dedicated faculty, who offer not only intellectual challenges in the classroom but also mentoring with such issues as publication, conference presentations, the job search, etc. As committed to research as they are to engaged teaching, our faculty continues to develop an impressive and innovative publication record, whether it is evidenced through our critically–acclaimed creative writers or through the scholarly production of our faculty working in Composition & Rhetoric, teaching and pedagogy, and literature and critical theory.

The students of these various programs often find themselves together in graduate seminars, and are at times even joined by students from the Department of Modern Classical Languages and Literatures, resulting in an interdisciplinary sensibility in the classroom as well as close relationships among students across disciplines. All graduate students will find ours to be a lively intellectual community, and they will also enjoy the collegiality and close student–faculty relationships that characterize our Department. They will be encouraged to take part in a variety of departmental events, will occasionally be appointed to committees involved with departmental governance, and will have the opportunity to present their work at such events as our "works–in–progress" series, the Literature and Research Colloquium (LARC), and at the annual Graduate Student and Faculty Conference.

More Information

To learn more about your possibilities for graduate studies in one (or more) of our programs, please visit the webpages associated with the various programs, our course offerings archives, the faculty profiles that will reveal the range of research and teaching interests offered by our faculty, and the various thesis titles and accomplishments of our students in recent years. Please feel free, as well, to contact individual program directors individually.