2010-2011 Diversity Report

Executive Summary: Diversity Report 2010-2011

Diversity is a core value of the UM 2020 Strategic Plan. It is an imperative component for building and maintaining a dynamic learning environment. UM's plan for embracing and enhancing diversity is organized around four strategic choices and specific goals and action items flow from those choices. The diversity report is intended to measure progress on meeting the goals and action items.

Strategic Choice 1: Enhance the campus culture of understanding, respect, support, and advancement of diversity. Most units embrace diversity as a core value and contribute at some level to enhancing the campus culture of understanding, respect, support, and advancement of diversity. Statements promoting diversity and diversity-related activities are common. There are opportunities for employees and students to participate in diversity activities. Primary activities include Day of Dialogue, UM Allies training, National Coalition Building Institute-Missoula (NCBI) training, and other training provided by individual units. Individual units can improve by instituting their own focused action plans for improving diversity in their own units. UM can also improve the centralization of information related to diversity for the purpose of expanding such opportunities.

Strategic Choice 2: Create avenues for access to the academy and for success within the academy for all individuals, and particularly populations historically underrepresented in the academy. Continuous collection and analysis of data is critical to measure success in achieving goals under this strategic choice. Successful strategies for recruiting and retaining a diverse student body include 2 + 2 programs. Federal and state funded grant programs designed to assist students from historically underrepresented populations have proved to be successful. The Partnering for Student Success collaborative action plan provides strategic supports for all students to be successful. Additional scholarships for underrepresented students would assist UM’s efforts to increase the diversity of the student body. Data is also important for the analysis of the workforce at UM. UM recently demonstrated a strong commitment to further diversifying the workforce by hiring a Diversity Retention and Recruitment Coordinator.

Strategic Choice 3: Educate and prepare students to contribute and thrive in a multicultural society. Many units host speakers, organize activities, and provide curricula which contribute to educating and preparing students to thrive in a multicultural society. A recent noteworthy effort supporting this strategic choice is the Global Leadership Initiative. A majority of units provide diversity awareness components in training of students who advise, mentor, and supervise other students. UM can improve in providing opportunities for faculty to participate in course development workshops that focus on integrating diversity into the curriculum.

Strategic Choice 4: Develop an organizational structure to ensure implementation, evaluation and periodic renewal of strategic choices 1-3. Feedback on this report will inform further development of mechanisms to ensure implementation, evaluation and periodic renewal of the diversity strategic plan.

2010-2011 Diversity Report

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