What Employees Need to Know About Reporting

In order to enable UM to respond effectively and to proactively stop instances of sex-based discrimination, sexual assault, dating violence, relationship violence and stalking involving students, all University employees with the exception of “confidential employees,” must, within 24 hours of receiving the information, report all information they have about possible sexual misconduct involving UM students to the EO/Title IX Coordinator. This includes names of involved individuals and any other details such as time and location.

UM Employees who are considered "confidential employees" are counselors through Counseling Services at Curry Health Center, all medical professionals at Curry Health Center, SARC advocates and counselors, and counselors at the Clinical Psychology Center. (more about reporting to UM)

Sex-based discrimination can include sexual harassment or sexual violence, such as rape, sexual assault, stalking, relationship violence, or retaliation. Title IX protects students from being denied equal opportunities to programs and activities at the University based on their gender. Sexual harassment, including sexual violence, interferes with students' rights to receive an education free from discrimination.

You may respond to a student that has experienced sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, relationship violence, stalking, or retaliation by:

What happens after I report?

EO/TIX will make a record of the report and the student harmed will be contacted by email. The email will include information about resources on and off campus to help with safety, academic accommodation, housing, and counseling services, and provide an opportunity to meet with the EO/TIX to begin a formal investigation under the policy if the student wishes to do so.