Graduate Cost of Attendance (COA)

Students Seeking a Master's or Doctoral Degree

The estimated summary of the total COA of In-State, Out-of-State, Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant Contract (TA/RA), and Western Regional Graduate Tuition Reduction Program (WRGP) listed below is for a typical academic year (fall semester and spring semester). The summary costs also reflect the cost of living in university residence halls and having a university dining plan.

2023 - 2024 Estimated Total Cost of Attendance

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12 or more Credits: $36,224
9 to 11 Credits: $34,078
6 to 8 Credits: $31,578

Graduate In-State COA

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12 or more Credits: $62,746
9 to 11 Credits: $54,178
6 to 8 Credits: $45,256

Graduate Out-of-State COA

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Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant Contract (TA/RA)

12 or more Credits: $37,418
9 to 11 Credits: $35,182
6 to 8 Credits: $32,592


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Western Regional Graduate Tuition Reduction Program (WRGP)

12 or more Credits: $41,006
9 to 11 Credits: $37,872
6 to 8 Credits: $34,386