Undergraduate Cost of Attendance (COA)

Students Seeking a Bachelor's Degree

The estimated summary of the total COA of In-State, Out-of-State, and Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) listed below is for a typical academic year (fall semester and spring semester). The summary costs also reflect the cost of living in university residence halls and having a university dining plan.

Compare the Cost of other Schools

Financial aid may vary from school to school and from person to person. Before deciding on where to attend college, UM can help you compare financial aid and costs between your potential schools. The differences may surprise you.  

Using our cost-comparison worksheet, you can determine out-of-pocket expenses at a variety of schools so that you have clarity on what you can expect to pay, helping you make the best decision for you and your family. 

2024 - 2025 Estimated Total Cost of Attendance

maroon colored icon of state of montanaIn-State

12 or more Credits: $28,906
9 to 11 Credits: $26,796
6 to 8 Credits: $24,576

Undergraduate In-State COA

white map of united states on maroon backgroundOut-of-State

12 or more Credits: $54,812
9 to 11 Credits: $46,442
6 to 8 Credits: $37,962

Undergraduate Out-of-State COA

white map of participating western undergraduate exchange states on maroon backgroundWestern Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

12 or more Credits: $33,238
9 to 11 Credits: $30,260
6 to 8 Credits: $27,174