Group Membership

Membership Information

  • All members are eligible for a full vote in group matters

  • All members will have the benefits of campus resources regarding gerontological issues, the opportunity to help with informational events, to attend conferences, and prepare presentations

  • All members are encouraged to donate their time to a volunteer organization with a focus on gerontology

  • All members are encouraged to apply for gerontology scholarships

  • Members who would like to recieve promotional items may be asked for yearly dues of $15

Meeting Information

The first meeting of the 2015 Spring Semester was held on Tuesday, February 10 at 5:00 PM in Room 224 of the University Center. In following the tradition of welcoming new attendees, officers and group members introduced themselves and why they actively participate in gerontology. At this meeting, group members agreed to center their efforts on community engagement with seniors, through new and innovative community service projects, hosting educational events, and promoting support and awareness of gerontology within the Missoula community.

Meetings will be held twice a month. One meeting will be oriented towards group business and event planning, and one will be oriented towards special topics and speakers. The group may meet more or less depending on circumstances. We always welcome new members who share in our passion and committment of advocating positive change and improving the quality of life for older adults.

Meeting dates and times, along with group events, can be found by visiting our events page.