2012 4th International Human-Bear Conflicts Workshop

March 20-22, 2012 in Missoula, Montana

This is a professional development workshop for people that work to manage and prevent human-bear conflicts. The Workshop format is interactive and emphasizes group participation. The Workshop will include formal presentations, panel discussions, workshops, demonstrations, and breakout groups. Participation in the discussions by attendees is not only encouraged but is crucial to the success of the Workshop. Experienced wildlife and human dimensions professionals will present topics such as: 
(1) proactive management to reduce conflicts; (2) demonstrations of new technology and best practices for managing bears; (3) effective community-based approaches; (4) effective communication and outreach strategies; (5) risk and liability concerns; (6) the efficacy of sport hunting as a tool to manage conflicts; and (7) management of habituated and/or food conditioned bears.

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