IDS Requirements and Courses

boat ride with excited group of students
IDS Professor Dan Spencer and the Vietnam Climate Change course 
students travel to Ca Mau National Park in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam


  • The IDS minor requires 21 credits.
  • At least twelve of these credits must come from the Core IDS courses and as many as nine credits can come from Content courses.
  • At least seven credits must be upper division credits.
  • No more than six Core credits and no more than six Content credits can come from the same discipline



Core Courses

(12 credits required-No more than 6 credits from any one discipline)


  • IDS 491 Social and Behavior Change Communication (IDS Capstone Course- recommended for all IDS students as the course is designed for career preparation in the international development field)
  • ANTY 326E Indigenous People and the Ethics of Development
  • BGEN 360 International Business
  • BGEN 445 Sustainability Reporting
  • COMX 204X International and Development Communication
  • ECNS 217X Issues in Economic Development
  • ECNS 431 International Trade
  • ECNS 450 Advanced Topics in Economic Development
  • ENST 487 Globalization, Justice, and the Environment
  • GPHY 141SX Geography of World Regions
  • GPHY 338 Mountains and Society
  • HSTR 335 Latin America: Workers and Labor
  • NASX 260X Indigenous Community Development in Mexico, the U.S., and Canada
  • NASX 306X Contemporary Global Issues of Indigenous People
  • NRSM 170 International Environmental Change
  • NRSM (FOR/RSCN) 424 Community Forestry and Conservation
  • NRSM (FOR/RSCN) 475 Sociology of Environment & Development
  • PSCI 327 Politics of Mexico (Summer Study Abroad Only)
  • PSCI 377 Issues of Global Health
  • PSCI 420 Refugees and International Relations
  • PSCI 482 Politics of the World Economy
  • PSCI 431 Politics of Global Migration
  • PSCI 463 Development Administration
  • PTRM 345 Sustaining Human Societies and Natural Environment (Study Abroad)
  • PTRM 451Tourism and Sustainability
  • SW 465 Social Work in a Global Context

Content Courses

(9 credits required-No more than 6 from any one discipline)*

  • ANTY 220 Culture & Society
  • ANTY 241Central Asian Culture and Civilization
  • ANTY 330XPeoples and Cultures of the World
  • ANTY 427 Anthropology of Gender
  • BUS 160S Issues in Sustainability (COT)
  • COMX 415 Intercultural Communication
  • COMX 421Communication and Nonprofit Organizations
  • COMX 493 Hong Kong, Macau, & China: Communication, Culture, and Development (Study Abroad)
  • BGEN 160S Issues in Sustainability
  • BMGT 410 Sustainable Business Practices
  • ECNS 101S Economic Way of Thinking
  • ECNS 445 International Environmental Economics and Climate Change
  • ENST 433 Economics of the Environment
  • ENST 493.8 Environmental Justice in Latin America
  • ENST 494 Sustainable Agriculture in Thailand
  • GEO 107N Natural Disasters
  • GPHY 121S Introduction to Human Geography
  • GPHY 433 Community Resilience
  • GPHY 444 High Asia
  • HSTR 231X Modern Latin America
  • HSTR 334 Reform and Revolution in Latin America
  • HSTR 337 The History of Capitalism in Latin America
  • HSTR 435 Human Rights in Latin America
  • NASX 475X Indian Sovereignty
  • NRSM 391 Society, Economy and Environment of the Mekong Delta
  • PSCI 220S Introduction to Comparative Government
  • PSCI 230 International Relations
  • PSCI 325 Politics of Latin America
  • PSCI 326 Politics of Africa
  • PSCI 327 Politics of Mexico
  • PSCI 328 Politics of China
  • PSCI 443 Politics of Social Movements 

*With permission of the IDS Director, up to 6 credits of field experience in International Development can be counted toward the content requirement