The log cabin can house up to four in dorm-style sleeping quarters with four curtained cubicles with twin beds and an armoire. There is a small dorm fridge, desk and sofa.

Seven other cabins can house up to three people in a bunk bed and one twin bed, with a desk area.

Cabins have electric heat

Seven boxcars can house up to six people

Bedding is not included in any cabin or boxcar rental. Please bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. Linens can be rented from us at $10/set.

A bath house is located in close proximity to the cabins and boxcars. 

Cabin and Boxcar rates

Due to the increased demand for research related use, we are no longer offering individual cabin or boxcar rentals to the general public.

Log cabin: $70
Cabins: $50
Boxcars: $60

Winter Rates: October 1 – April 30

(CLOSED: December 1 - March 31)

Log Cabin: $90
Cabins: $70
Boxcars: $80

State of Montana Accommodation tax of 8% per night added to lodging fees