Mansfield Center Advisory Board

David BellDavid Bell, Board Chair

President and CEO, ALPS Corporation

Terry WeidnerDr. Terry Weidner, Board Vice-Chair

Professor Emeritus, Political Science; Former Mansfield Center Executive Director


Jon BennionJon Bennion

Government Relations Director, The Washington Companies

Mary ByronMary Byron

Owner, Cloud Nine Quilts; Liaison, Mansfield Foundation Board of Directors

bay-fang.jpegBay Fang

President, Radio Free Asia

m-georgiouMaritsa Georgiou

National Correspondent, Newsy
Nancy Keenan

Nancy Keenan

Former Executive Director, Montana Democratic Party


Paul LaurenDr. Paul Lauren

Regents Professor Emeritus; Founding Director, Mansfield Center


Tom LopachTom Lopach

President and CEO, Voter Participation Center and the Center for Voter Information


Liz MarchiLiz Marchi

Founder, Frontier Angel Fund and Head of Community Engagement, Two Bear Capital


croppedmikemcfaul.pngMichael A. McFaul, PhD

Director of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and a Hoover Fellow at Stanford University

matthew-morgan.jpg Matthew Morgan

Chief Business Process Officer at Teneo

croppedmarcracicot.pngMarc Racicot

Former Governer of the State of Montana

croppedjoannashelton.pngJoanna R. Shelton

UM Faculty Affiliate in Economics and Nonresident Senior Associate in Economics for the Center for Strategic and International Studies

Kimberlee VisserKimberlee Visser

Designer, Community Advocate, Business Advisor

Bryce WardBryce Ward

Founder of ABMJ Consutling, Research Associate at the Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities at the University of Montana

Mansfield Fellows

Heather Cahoon

Associate Professor, Tribal Governance and Policy


NAC 203B


Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Studies (History, Anthropology & Native American Studies), University of Montana (2005)

M.F.A., Poetry, University of Montana (2001)


Research Interests

Tribal sovereignty and reservation socioeconomic health, Indigenous governments/governing structures and policy, individual tribal member social and civil justice issues, American Indian poetry and literary expression including oral traditions


Heather recently launched the American Indian Governance and Policy Institute (AIGPI), a Native-led research entity and think tank that will provide tribal nations in Montana with credible, in-depth research and analysis of tribal-level policies that impact the full range of social determinants of health in Indian Country.  This includes policies related to internal governing structures and functions, social and health issues, and revenue generation and economic development.  Recognizing that many tribal governments lack access to the type of policy research, analysis and related legal expertise that is supplied in-house to state legislators and federal policymakers, AIGPI helps fill this void by offering expert as well as student-produced, faculty-guided research and analysis of tribal policies and associated legal documents with the goal of furthering tribal leaders’ efforts to strengthen reservation economies, and build sound governance and individual and community health and prosperity.  Likewise, these analyses also help educate local, state and federal policymakers and the broader public on an array of complex policy matters relating to American Indians that have real quality of life implications on reservations across the country.  A secondary goal is, through an active learning environment, for tribal community members and student leaders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the tribal policymaking process, how various levels of policy interact, and how outdated, unresponsive and harmful public policies can be reengineered to encourage systems that support socioeconomic health and tribal sovereignty. 

AIGPI is housed within the Native American Studies Department at the University of Montana under the leadership of Heather Cahoon and in partnership with UM's nationally-recognized Alexander Blewett III School of Law Margery Hunter Brown Indian Law Clinic and the Department of Public Administration and Policy's Master of Public Administration program.  Experts in other College of Humanities and Science fields, as well experts from within the broader Montana University System (MUS) are enlisted according to their particular area of expertise and the policy topic at hand.  All materials developed by AIGPI are stored in a free online database accessible to tribal leaders and the general public. 

AIGPI in the News

UM Creates Native Think Tank, Policy Institute for Montana Tribes

University of Montana launches tribal policy institute

'Becoming a forefront’ in Indian Country

Selected Publications

Poetry Books

Horsefly Dress. Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press, 2020.

Poetry Chapbooks

Elk Thirst. Missoula, MT: University of Montana Merriam-Frontier Award for publication, 2005. 


“Baby Out of Cut-Open Woman.” American Poets: The Journal of the Academy of American Poets, Vol. 60, Spring-Summer 2021.

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"Łčíčšeʔ.Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day, November 5, 2019.

“Meditations on Blue,” “To Forge Meaning” and “Unéxʷ.” Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art & Thought, guest edited by Angela Trudell Vasquez and Mellissa Kingbird. Spring, 2019.

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Anthologized Poems

“Baby Out of Cut-Open Woman.” Living Nations, Living Words: An Anthology of First Peoples Poetry, W.W. Norton & Co., 2021. 

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"Blonde," "Elk Thirst," and "Missions." Birthright: Born to Poetry: A Collection of Montana Indian Poetry, Montana Office of Public Instruction Indian, 2012.


“Key Social Factors Influencing American Indian/Alaska Native Health in Indian Country.” (work in progress funded by the Montana Healthcare Foundation).

"Revenue Competitions Between Sovereigns: State and Tribal Taxation in Montana." American Indian Culture and Research Journal 42:1 (2018).

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“Medicaid Expansion in Indian Country: Effective Strategies for Outreach and Enrollment.” Montana Budget and Policy Center, September 16, 2017.

Notable Contributions to Publications

“The Indian Reorganization Act on the Flathead Reservation.” America’s Indian Reservations and Alaska Native Communities: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic, ed. Veronica E. Velarde Tiller. CA: ABC-CLIO publishing (work in progress).

"Essential Understandings Regarding Montana Indians" 2019 revised edition. Montana Office of Public Instruction Indian Education Division, 2019.


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Lessons in Transformation: A Conversation with Heather Cahoon.” Cutbank Literary Journal 93, University of Montana, 1 December 2020.

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“Heather Cahoon on Landscape and Salish-Pend d’ Oreille Culture.” Reflections West. Montana Public Radio. 2012, Episode 32. Radio.


Member, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes

Member, National Congress of American Indians

Member, Academy of American Poets