6 Top Outdoor Venues at the University of Montana

Hosting an event is stressful by nature. From deciding on a guest list, to making sure the event runs smoothly, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your space will work. Here are six spaces provided by the University of Montana (UM) that will help your event be unforgettable.

1. The Oval

The OvalPositioned at the focal point of the University of Montana, the Oval is a great place for any outdoor event. With the capacity to hold thousands, event size is hardly a worry with this venue. The Oval not only provides the flexibility for event types, it also provides a beautiful view. Surrounded by historical buildings, against the backdrop of Mount Sentinel, your guests will be awed by the surrounding area the moment they step on site. Montana Events Services offers tables and chairs to rent and is willing to help connect you to local businesses where you can rent more equipment, if needed.

2.  The Riverbowl Fields

Located on the far north side of campus, the Riverbowl Fields are another great venue for big events. Being on the riverfront, there are plenty of great photo opportunities with a variety of backdrops, from the mountain range to the city skyline. Like the Oval, the size of the Riverbowl Fields gives you the flexibility to host a myriad of events.  

3. Washington-Grizzly Stadium

Washington-Grizzly Stadium during football gameThe Washington-Grizzly stadium is a perfect spot for the passionate UM supporter. With enough space to hold almost any size, the stadium is usable for nearly any event. Partnered with the Adams Center’s talented staff, Montana Events Services will make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible. With the great photo opportunities, and the ability to put images and messages on the new jumbotron, an event held in the stadium will be extraordinary. It is also paired with the Canyon Club that is perched above Washington-Grizzly Stadium. With the ability to open up and be outdoors when the weather is nice, or close up when it isn’t, the Canyon Club has the flexibility to host a variety of events. The club has a capacity of 120 people standing or 80 people seating, providing a smaller, more intimate setting. 

4. UM Golf Course

The UM Golf Course is great for events where you want some variety. It has a combination of open space and foliage for whatever backdrop you are looking for. The golf course staff is talented and dedicated to making your event come to fruition. You will also have the option to use The Iron Griz catering instead of UM Dining, if you so desire.

5. Lubrecht National Forest  

Lubrecht National Forest trailWith a rustic, woody backdrop, the Lubrecht National Forest is a great venue for a get-away event.  It has dorms for housing guests, a pavilion to host outside events, and the capacity for hundreds of people. Lubrecht Forest has the ability to be used for a variety of events and retreats. Montana Events Services is happy to help by providing assistance for anything you may need.

6. The Prescott Pavilion

Located next to Mount Sentinel, with the “M” directly in the background, the Presott Pavilion is the perfect venue for small, intimate events.  The large lawn provides a space to hold people while the pavilion itself is perfect for photo opportunities, or even a head table. Most equipment you need for an event here can be rented from Montana Events Services, or you can work with them to find a vendor who can rent to you. It should be noted that, while the pavilion can be booked, the Prescott House cannot.

With these venues, your event will be remembered for years to come. Book with Montana Events Services to get all the assistance you’ll need while running your event.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
By: Christian Kiemele

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