Engagement Season

Monday, January 30, 2017

By Christian Kiemele

Couple closing a heart-shaped lock on the footbridgeIt’s the beginning of 2017, which means we’re smack dab in the middle of engagement season. What is it that makes the months of November through February engagement season? What do couples need to be on the lookout for once they get engaged? These are just a couple of the questions we asked Montana Event Services (MTES) Event Coordinator, Jess Shaffer.

“Engagement season can depend on when people are thinking about actually getting married,” says Shaffer. “In my opinion, it’s seen as very romantic to propose on New Year’s Eve in Montana. But, that can change depending on what time of year they want their wedding.”

Typically, Shaffer sees people getting engaged at least a year out, sometimes even as far out as a year and a half to two years. “I think brides with a little bit of higher anxiety like to really get ahead of the game,” she says.

So, you’ve popped the question to your significant other and now that you’re engaged, what do you do? Shaffer says that once you’ve gotten the date picked, you have to start locking down venues and vendors soon.  “That way you can start putting all the other pieces together fairly quickly,” she says, pointing out that caterers and photographers get fully booked fairly quickly.

“In Montana, a lot of people are typically shooting for wedding dates in the time frame of May through October,” says Shaffer. “There’s only so many weekends in that time span, which are typically the days of the week people want their weddings.”

Image of a football and flowers in the Washington-Grizzly StadiumMontana Event Services has a wealth of experience in helping people plan their weddings in the campus area. “We can bring anything to the table that you may need help with,” says Shaffer. “When you come to us, you kind of have a built-in planner that’s helping you think of not only what has to do with our venue, but also overall advice for planning the event.” 

What is some of the advice that they give? Shaffer and the rest of the MTES event coordinators also know how to help save couples money while planning their wedding. “There are a lot of ways you can save money,” she says. “Missoula is a community that likes to recycle and reuse to stay green, so you don’t have to go buy all new things just to make your wedding look good.” Shaffer also mentioned a consignment fair where people resell their wedding dresses and other goods at a price lower than the top-dollar prices you see at wedding shops.

For more info on how MTES can help you with your wedding, visit their website by clicking here.