Build Your Brand and Network Course

Authentic and Strategic Relationship Building

This online course shows women how to build authentic, strategic relationships in order to build a powerful network. A powerful network leads to specific benefits like:

  • Better connections to future career opportunities for those looking for a job or a change in careers (it's who you know- right?!).
  • Quality connections to advisors, mentors, and funders for those looking to pursue a nonprofit or business idea.
  • Mentor connections that develop organically and often.
  • Less wasted time on events and people you dislike. The right amount of time for events and people you like.

Open to UM students and Non-UM students. Register below.

After taking this course, learners reported:  


A 60% increase in their likelihood to apply for a managerial or leadership position in the next five years. 



A 48% increase in their overall network and brand confidence.


A 30% increase in their networking confidence. 

This course provides:

  1. Concepts to de-smarm the myths of networking and what networking is- are you a one-on-one relationship builder or a life-of-the-party relationship builder?
  2. Assistance to you in building authentic, relationships for strategic, powerful networking that can influence your career or self-employment trajectory.
  3. Identify the right people with whom to spend your precious time.
  4. Help for you to consider your personal brand in terms of your own business or your career. This is both in how you talk to others, but also considers your digital presence.
  5. Opportunities to build relationships with like-minded women through digital cohorts.
  6. One month free in our Mighty Network online community that includes group business coaching and an open space to collaborate with other like-minded women.
  7. Flexible online delivery: Work is done on your own time, online, with deadlines. Optional, virtual labs one-two times per week in a lab where you can ask questions and connect with classmates.

Course details:

  • Online: work is done independently and autonomously to meet deadlines
  • Starts Monday, February 22nd and ends on Friday, April 30th, 2021
  • Optional Tuesday evening lab from 5:30-7:30 PM for questions, occasional guest speakers, and virtual relationship building with classmates (can also watch recordings of live sessions on your own time)
  • Spots Available: 100 (first-come, first-served)
  • For students with children who may benefit from a childcare stipend for class time, please contact the online program manager.

How to Register

UM Student Registration

For currently enrolled University of Montana students. Registration is open.

General Public

For anyone not currently enrolled at University of Montana. Opens in winter, 2020.

"I've met and CONNECTED with a lot of like-minded women, across all ages and places in there own lives, which is hugely beneficial, because we can all truly help one another out."

"I have gained CONFIDENCE in myself and feel better equipped to put myself out there to possible future employers. I feel better PREPARED to take the next step in growing my career."

Jenni Graff

Jenni Graff has built a career in Montana by making human connections and helping others identify and market their strengths to employers. She began her professional life in sales and marketing roles for some of the largest and most innovative employers in the region before completing an MBA from the University of Montana in 2016.

Jenni’s true passion is helping businesses grow by attracting talented individuals. She launched Silvergate Recruiting in 2018, where she works with businesses to improve their recruiting and hiring practices; focusing on scaling recruitment processes, attracting and retaining technical and senior-level employees, improving diversity, equity and inclusion hiring efforts, and talent attraction branding initiatives.

Jenni is active and well-networked in the Montana business community. She serves as President of the board of the Montana Ambassadors. She is also passionate about the link between higher education and career pathways and has served on UM’s College of Business Advisory Council. She has taught courses at UM in personal branding and digital marketing. When she’s not serving on boards, conducting interviews, or consulting with businesses, you can find her high in the hills around Montana.