W.E.L.L. Courses

Online Courses Designed for Women, Open to All

W.E.L.L. has developed three, key courses to help female founders and leaders succeed in a male-engineered world. Courses are designed for women, but open to all. We hope to generate networks of high-potential women and men who can befriend, mentor, and create opportunities for each other.

If you take three or four of our courses (we are developing more courses as we speak), you are eligible for a badge (micro-credential) from UMonline. Our hope is that you can leverage your badge with people in your network and community to showcase your professional or entrepreneurial development. 

Course Listings

  • Pursue Your Passions Course (Fall)
    • For women with a vague business, nonprofit, or project idea or who want to buy/takeover a business. This course has students spend time evaluating their personal values and passions then assists in the exploration of that idea in a safe, supportive environment. Dip your toes in the water!
  • Build Your Brand and Network (Spring)
    • For women who are looking ot change/start careers or for women with a business, nonprofit, or project idea or who are taking over a family business/buying a business. Learners will gain practical skills on how to craft their personal pitch, but also how to strategically build authentic relationships.
  • Business Basics I & II (Late Spring, Early Summer)
    • For current or aspiring women business owners, or nonprofit founders, project creators, or who are taking over a family business/buying a business. Learners will get a brief overview of business fundamentals to get support in the early stages of their idea or organization.  This course features business owners and supporters across the state.
  • Authentic Leadership Course (Summer)
    • This course will help women embrace and utilize their strenths, vulnerability, and empathy to inspire and engage teams to achieve goals. Learners at any level will gain practical skills to lead teams effectively and efficiently by bringing their authentic self to the table.