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Jeffrey Stephenson

Adjunct Professor of Philosophy


LA 155
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Tuesdays 11-12 and Thursdays by appointment.

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Personal Summary

I had assigned MacBeth to sophomores in a composition course at the preparatory school where I had been teaching when one of my students asked how exactly one could determine where the wrongness of Lady MacBeth's actions were located. After all, this student observed, she was only doing what men in power do all of the time. Her question sent me on an intellectual peregrinage through academic halls and philosophical reading that continues to this day. Luckily, along the way I completed a graduate degree at the University of Montana, after which I vowed I would one day return to the UM campus as an instructor of philosophy. And here I am! My wife Wendy, our two dogs Maggie and Scout, our two chickens Lunch and Maria Maria, our three sheep Gary, Bosco and Beloq, and our nine goats Valentine, Angela, Hillary, Lucinda, Mila, Hester, Clark, Genevieve and Libby, are happily situated in the best little town in all of the U.S.

Nothing keeps me engaged with the world like teaching bright people. I think on teaching as an obligation to community; as a civic engagement; and as a commitment to a better future for humanity at large. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to return the University of Montana, where I strive to have my students focus ultimately on the constitutive properties of a life well lived. 




Ph.D. in Philosophy (2006), City University of New York

M.A. in Philosophy with Teaching Ethics Option (1999), University of Montana, Missoula 

M.A. in Liberal Studies (1996), Georgetown University   

B.A. in Liberal Studies (1991), University of South Florida

Courses Taught

Philosophy of Technology

Introduction to Ethics

Ways of Knowing (upcoming)

Teaching Experience

University of Montana, Adjunct Instructor (Jan. 2023-present), Department of Philosophy and Davidson Honors College. Instructor of ethics, technology and philosophy, and freshman seminar courses. 

Montana State University and Gallatin College, Visiting Assistant Professor/Assistant Teaching Professor (Jan. 2012-present), Department of History and Philosophy, College of Letters and Sciences, and Liberal Studies Program. Instructor of ethics, research ethics, bioethics, technology and philosophy, existentialism, ancient philosophy, early modern philosophy, medieval philosophy. Online instruction and traditional lecture. 

Case Western Reserve University, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Aug. 2007-June 2010), Department of Philosophy.  Instructor of ethics, ethics and law, professional ethics, science and engineering ethics. 

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Graduate Teaching Fellow (teaching fellowship award Aug. 2000-May 2003),Department of Art, Music and Philosophy.  

New York University, Adjunct Lecturer (Aug. 2000-Dec. 2001), General Studies Program, freshman seminar courses.  

Field of Study

Character and cognitive science; akrasia and medical care compliance; classical (Aristotelian) virtue theory; modern (MacIntyre) virtue theory; ancient philosophy; social justice in healthcare; professional ethics (healthcare, media and medical); clinical ethics; ethics and law; research ethics and law; ethical issues in biotechnology.  



Piven, J.; Stephenson, JE  “The Fear of Bones: On the Dread of Space and Death”. (2014, Blackwell Popular Philosophy series title The Philosophy of JJ Abrams.)

Stephenson, JE 1001 Ideas that Changed the Way We Think [entries for Polyphony, Millennialism, Flying Buttress, Transubstantiation, Ontological Argument for God's Existence, Scholasticism, Abolitionism, Courtly Love, Five Proofs of God's Existence, Doctrine of Double Effect] (2013, Simon and Schuster).

Stephenson, JE “Shawn’s Hocus Pocus Hokum: On the Morality of Deception” (2013, Open Court Popular Culture and Philosophy series title The T.V. Show Psyche and Philosophy).

Stephenson, JE “Walter White’s American Vice” (2012, Open Court Popular Culture and Philosophy series title Breaking Bad and Philosophy).

Stephenson, JE; Grace, WT.  “Beyond the Palin:  The Meaning of Sarah Palin’s Entry into the Fourth Estate”, Media Ethics(Spring 2010 issue). 

Book Chapters

Stephenson, JE; Anderson, AO.  “Ethical and Legal Dilemmas in Biodefense Research.”  In Textbook of Military Medicine: Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare, The Borden Institute (Chapter 24; 2008).

Book Review Essays

Stephenson, JE.  “Media Mafia According to Goldberg”.  Media Ethics (Vol. 14, No. 1, Fall 2002).

Stephenson, JE.  “Goldberg’s Arrogance”.  Media Ethics (Vol. 15, No. 2, Spring 2004).

Book Reviews

Stephenson, JE.  “The Media and the War on Terrorism.” Stephen Hess and Marvin Kalb (eds.) (2003).  Media Ethics (Vol. 15, No. 2, Spring 2004). 


“Characterizing Character: A Re-Situationing of Moral Psychology”, presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences June 3, 2010.

“Beyond the Palin: The Meaning of Sarah Palin’s Entry into the Fourth Estate” presented at the CWRU National Society of Collegiate Scholars Think Day conference April 10, 2010. 

“Trading on Trust: How the solicitation of enhancement services in the primary care office is symptomatic of a systemic problem in U.S. healthcare”, presented at the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) annual conference March 6, 2010. 

“The Relationship Between God and Ethics: Does the Big Guy in the Sky Matter?”, presented at the CWRU Center for Free Inquiry colloquium Oct. 9, 2009. 

“Messing with Your Mind: The Ethics of Memory and “Neural Neutralization””, presented at the CWRU Ethics of Futurary Discourse colloquium April 6, 2008.

“Are We Making Moral Progress?”, presented at the CWRU Philosophy Forum Nov. 21, 2007.

“A Guide for Lab Workers Who Suspect Misconduct in the Science Research Lab”, presented at the APPE annual conference March 2001.

Professional Experience

Regulatory Compliance Advisor/Study Coordinator, Human Protections Administrator and Exempt Determination Officer, Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (March 2021-Nov 2022), Ft. Detrick, MD (telework). 

Regulatory Compliance Specialist, Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (Nov. 2006-Nov. 2014)Ft. Detrick, MD. 

Human Subjects Protection Scientist, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) Human Subjects Research Review Board (HSRRB) (June 2005-Sept. 2006), Ft. Detrick, MD.  

Preparatory School English Instructor, Saddlebrook Preparatory Academy (1997- 1998) grades 10-12. 

Preparatory School English Instructor, Thom Howard Academy (1993-1994, 1996- 1997), grades 9-12. 

Honors / Awards

2010 Nominee for Carl F. Wittke Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching at Case Western Reserve University.

2000-2003 Graduate Teaching Fellowship award thru the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.


Rescuing farm animals, hiking, mountain biking, road biking, skiing, metalwork.