How do I market myself?

It is understandable to ask, “Who is hiring physics majors?  What jobs can I get with this degree?”  However, it may be more helpful to ask the following questions instead:  “What do I most want to DO with my physics degree?  What skills do I most enjoy using?  What kind of position would I truly like, and where might I find it?”  In reality, your physics degree will set you up with an impressive arsenal of marketable skills, and it opens many career possibilities for you.  Rarely do companies advertise for positions using the term “physicist.”  But do not fret – this is just an oddity of semantics.  Since there is no direct industry of “physics,” it is the skills and capabilities of a physics major that are constantly in demand, rather than the title of “physicist.”

In short, physics is everywhere, and used by every branch of science and technology.  Further, the competencies and abilities you acquire as a physics graduate are constantly being sought by employers.  Every industry is in need of problem solvers, critical thinkers, data analysts, software experts, etc.  So remember:  a physics major is a generalist who is trained to do a tremendous number of things very well.  And depending on what you enjoy most about your physics experience, you can leverage your abilities into any variety of potential careers that uniquely match your goals and passions.

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