Parking Information

Parking at the University of Montana

Parking space at the University of Montana is a limited shared resource.  UMPD manages this resource by providing a variety of options for parking. 

A parking permit or guest pass is required to park on the UM campus throughout the year, Monday - Friday 7 am - 5 pm.  It is important that you display the appropriate permit for the area you are parked.  All permits must be properly displayed and visible from the exterior of the vehicle to be considered valid.  Permits are issued to the person, not the vehicle.  This means the same permit can be used for different vehicles, but only one vehicle at a time.  Multiple permits must be purchased to park multiple vehicles on campus at the same time. If the permit is left in another vehicle, at home, or in the car at the repair shop the permit owner may be issued a substitute permit for the day at UMPD Parking Office. 

Keep in mind that our task is to manage parking so that campus is accessible and safe for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  If you have any questions regarding parking, call during office hours before you receive a parking ticket.

Contractor and Service & Delivery Parking

University Police does its best to accommodate contractor parking for campus projects.  Special discounted Service and Delivery permit allows parking in the designated service spots for up to 30 minutes.  This permit does not allow parking in any other area on campus and is only available to vendors or contractors that are conducting business on campus and are non-students.  Semester passes are also available to contractors and vendors.  These passes are $121.00 and allow 30 minutes in the Service and Delivery area and all day parking in the parking areas that require a UM Permit.  To make arrangements for your contractor or construction projects, please contact University Police at (406) 243-6133.

Bus Parking

The University of Montana does not have the available parking space to accommodate bus parking on campus.  Any visitors who are bringing students to UM may drop the students off and park the bus at the East Broadway Park and Ride lot.  From the Park and Ride lot anyone can use the ASUM busses to get to campus.  Both ASUM and Mountain Line have bus routes to UM campus.  When busses are planning to visit campus please contact the Event Parking and Transportation Coordinator at (406) 243-6133.