Required UM Employee Course: Indian Education for All in Montana


Dear UM Employees, 

We are pleased to announce a new online course – Indian Education for All in Montana –  that supports UM’s commitment to providing a better understanding of First Peoples of Montana. The Montana University System (MUS) American Indian Minority Achievement Advisory Council facilitated the development of this important course, which all staff and faculty in the MUS must complete.

In November of 2017, the MUS Board of Regents approved a series of recommendations designed to grow American Indian student achievement. Two of the five recommendations ensured that professional development related to the First Peoples of Montana would take place on every MUS campus.  

All MUS employees are required to take the course. UM employees can access the course in Moodle and must complete the course by October 18, 2019. The course is designed to take about two hours. Participants must complete three short quizzes, which may be re-attempted, and must earn a 100% score for the completion to be registered. The course will include an opportunity to provide feedback through a survey. 

Participants will not only explore the foundation of Indian Education for All in Montana through Montana Constitution, statute, and Board of Regent policies regarding American Indian students but also gain a better understanding about each of the tribes and their world views.

We are confident that you will find the resources and the perspectives in the course important, engaging and helpful. The launching of this course is a crucial step in delivering on our promise to provide an education that honors the rich history and culture of American Indians. We appreciate your participation in this important initiative to promote American Indian student achievement.



Seth Bodnar and Jon Harbor


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