Center for Population Health Research - The Center for Population Health Research is a NIH-funded Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (CoBRE) with a mission to inform, develop and test strategies for improving rural population health.

ECHO ISPCTN Montana Pediatric Clinical Trials - The Montana Pediatric Clinical Trials is part of the IDeA States Pediatric Clinical Trials Network (ISPCTN). Montana is one of 17 clinical sites within this network participating in the Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO), a program through the National Institute of Health.


The faculty and staff of the School of Public and Community Health Sciences participates in a wide array of research activities.  Faculty are encouraged to engage in scholarly and research activities that meet their individual interests.  

Belcourt, Annie - Psychology, Native American Issues, Diversity

Brown, Blakely - Childhood Obesity Prevention; Food security, Environments and Systems

Harris, Kari - Behavioral Psychology, Smoking Interventions, Childhood Obesity

Landguth, Erin - Landscape Genetics

McKay, Kimber - Demographic Athropology, Applied Medical Anthropology, International Development, Human Evolutionary Ecology

Newcomer, Sophia - Vaccines, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pediatric Health, Electronic Health Record-based Research

Noonan, Curtis - Population-based Research of Inhalation Exposures and Respiratory Health

Quintero, Gilbert - Applied Anthropology, Medical Anthropology and Southwest Ethnography

Semmens, Erin - Biostatistics

Sondag, Annie - Preventing the Spread of HIV in Montana

Ward, Tony - Environmental Health and Exposure Assessment