Fees and Funding

Public Health Course Fee

Graduate students pay either resident or non-resident tuition and fees, as imposed by the University of Montana, as well as the Public Health Course Fee of $182 per credit hour. In addition, all web-based courses are assessed an online learning fee of $50 per credit hour.

Students who either do not live in or near Missoula or who do not plan to utilize any campus based services, including student health services and enrolling in any traditional, face-to-face courses, may choose to change their status to distance only.  Distance students still pay tuition and fees according to their residence status.  Students who choose distance status will not be permitted to enroll in any traditional, face-to-face courses and will not be eligible for student health insurance.  Status changes are handled through the UM’s Registrar’s Office.  Fees differ slightly between campus-based and distance-status.  Please consult the UM’s Business Services website for the corresponding fee schedules.

Financial Aid

You can find out about financial aid through The University of Montana's financial aid website.

If you are an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe, you may be eligible for special scholarships through Indian Health Services and tuition fee waivers through Financial Aid.  Also, if you are interested in providing public health services to Native American communities, you may be eligible for special loan programs through Indian Health Services.