Public Health Student Association


The mission of the Public Health Student Association is to serve as a forum for interaction between alumni and students in the public health programs. The Public Health Student Association provide opportunities for alumni and students to share ideas on current and developing issues and agendas affecting public health, and to promote professional growth and development. The Public Health Student Association also encourages alumni and students to participate in the promotion of public health in their communities. This organization was formed as an online student association during the summer of 2014.


  • Meet and chat with other public health students and alumni.
  • Learn about the work of public health alumni.
  • Connect with public health professionals.
  • Participate in local public health volunteer opportunities.
  • Encourage attendance and participation in public health conferences.
  • Post a list of available public health conference information.

Students Have A Voice...

Students are encouraged to forward discussion points, issues, frustrations, and ideas for improving the program to the President for presentation to the School of Public and Community Health Sciences Program Committee.


All public health students accepted into the School of Public and Community Health Sciences, who remain in good standing, are granted membership in this association.