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The Registrar’s Office is a central component of the academic mission of University of Montana, providing formal validation of teaching and learning on this campus. The Registrar is the official custodian of student academic records, and the office is legally required to maintain past, present and future unabridged academic records.

The Registrar’s staff plans and conducts student-registration, maintains and updates academic records, interprets and applies academic policies, certifies eligibility for associate and baccalaureate degrees, determines resident fee classification for tuition purposes, schedules all academic classes and classroom facilities, maintains processes and provides support for academic grading and advising, verifies enrollment and degrees awarded, plans and directs commencement ceremonies and convocation, and determines eligibility for student participation in athletics, extracurricular and honor society activities.

The Registrar’s Office establishes a singularly unique relationship with students over the passage of an academic career. Beginning with new student orientation, interactions continue with continuing & returning students during enrollments and graduation, and those relationships reinforce a reliable connection and resource for alumni who request official verification of academic records, degree(s) earned and/or transcripts.

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    CyberBear Updates

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    Registration Deadlines

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    Faculty Grading

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