Part of Term Matrix


Part of Term Matrix
Part of Term Session Description Section Number Range Terms Available
1 Full Term 01-20 Autumn/Spring/Summer
A 12-Week Session 01A-20A Autumn/Spring/Summer
B 9-Week Session 01B-20B Autumn/Spring
D 1st 6-Week Session 01D-20D Autumn/Spring/Summer
E 2nd 6-Week Session 01E-20E Autumn/Spring/Summer
F 1st 3-Week Session 30F-40F Summer
G 2nd 3-Week Session 30G-40G Summer
H 3rd 3-Week Session 30H-40H Summer
I 4th 3-Week Session 30I-40I Summer
J 1st 5-Week Session 01J-20J Autumn/Spring/Summer
K 2nd 5-Week Session 01K-20K Autumn/Spring/Summer
M 3rd 5-Week Session 01M-20M Autumn/Spring/Summer
N 1st 8-Week Session 01N-20N Spring
O 2nd 8-Week Session 01O-20O Spring
S* Special Session 01S-20S Autumn/Spring/Summer

*Special Session is only to be used in extenuating circumstances*

If you are making changes after registration opens, please fill out “Schedule of Class Changes After Final Deadline” and submit for Provost approval.

There are a few exceptions to this convention, such as MBA and PT courses which may have slightly different section numbers.  Honors courses are designated section numbers 80-89.  Online courses are designated section numbers 50-65. Section numbers with a "C" appended are Missoula College courses. Section numbers beginning with an "H" are Hamilton courses. Section numbers beginning with a "B" are Blended/Hybrid courses. Section numbers beginning with an “R” are Remote courses. Please check Cyberbear for the start and end dates for online courses, as these can fall under any of the part of term sessions.  Special Session courses can have a start date and end date that falls at any time within the semester date range (first day of class – last day of class).