Transmittal of Undergraduate Application Materials

What is a transmittal?

Students who have attended one of the campuses within the Montana University System have the ability to transfer their student file to another Montana University System campus via a Transmittal of Undergraduate Application Materials, also known as a Single Admissions Transmittal.

A transmittal file includes a student's admission records along with an official University of Montana transcript.  Medical history records are not included due to HIPAA and must be obtained separately through the Curry Health Center.

You can make your request by completing the Request for Transmittal of Application Materials form below and submitting it to the institution from which you are transferring.

If you are currently completing "in progress" courses at the University of Montana, you must order and pay for a second official transcript be sent after grades have been recorded, or you can wait to order your transmittal until final grades have been recorded to your transcript at the end of the semester in progress.

For more information, read Board of Regents Policy 301.5.4 - Single Admissions File.


This option is only available if:

  • You have completed at least one semester, AND
  • You have attended within the past five years, AND
  • You are an undergraduate student.

If you do not meet these conditions, then we will not not have the materials needed to provide a transmittal.

Order a Transmittal

The fee for a transmittal order is $8.

Complete the form below, then email it to

Once your form has been reviewed by the Registrar's Office, the $8 fee will be added onto your account for you to pay in CyberBear. You must complete this payment before your form will be processed.

After payment, transmittals take approximately 10 business days for processing.