COVID-19 Impacts on Research at UM

Research Operation Levels - UM is at Level 0

The University of Montana is at Research Operation Level 0The varying research levels provide guidance for actions and protocols by personnel in our labs — the same standard being established at research universities around the country. Transitions to different levels will be the decision of the President Bodnar, in consultation with the Commissioner of Higher Education and the Governor of the State of Montana. Please email Scott Whittenburg directly if you have specific questions about how your research or creative scholarship activities function under this guidance.

Note: State and local directives governing the social response to the COVID-19 pandemic are subject to change. Accordingly, be aware that UM may revert to Level 1 operations at any time.

Salaries on Active Awards

This policy expired on September 30, 2020. 

In 2020, the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship temporarily allowed Principal Investigators to charge salaries and benefits for anyone employed on active federal awards while addressing the COVID-19 crisis.

Essential Research

When current social distancing (six feet separation and density (one person per 120 sq. ft.)) can be maintained, essential research and support functions in campus laboratories, field research and field sites can continue. Essential research and support functions are defined in the Essential Research document.

Guidance for Off-Campus Field Research Projects

In order to ensure that faculty and students can continue to conduct field research while we are at various research levels, we have developed guidance for field research projects so this important component of our efforts at UM may continue in a safe and effective manner.  This guidance includes a reference to the Employee 12-Hour Check-In Form.