Our Research is Highlighted in the Netflix Series: "Life in Colour" with David Attenborough


In the decade since we discovered the compelling link between seasonal coat color mismatch and the potential scope for wild animals to adapt to climate change, the Mills Lab has been thrilled to both produce scientific publications and to translate those scientific insights to policymakers and the public. In April 2021 those outreach efforts hit a high point with the release on Netflix of Life in Colour” with David Attenborough.

Scott had been in touch with the producers of the Life in Colour series (Humble Bee Films and SeaLight Films) for about two years, and they were intending to feature our snowshoe hare color mismatch research as one of the series’ primary focal projects.  Unfortunately, their March 2020 visit to our sites was canceled as Covid hit.

So instead, we provided them some video footage and text about our research for Sir David to convey in his unmistakable voice.  

Here’s a clip featuring our research, from episode 3 (“Chasing Color”) of Life in Colour with David Attenborough!


Humble Bee Films SeaLight Films production for Netflix in association with BBC