Plugins are optional Cascade entities that add features to your website. They can be as simple as listing out all your pages, to as complex as building forms for your users to fill out.

As we build additional Plugins, they will appear in this section when they are ready to be used.

Add Plugins to Your Site

You can now add plugins to your site by selecting "Add Content" > "Plugins" > (Name of Plugin). You can also type the name of the plugin you want into the search bar that appears in the dropdown when you select  "New Content". This will create a Cascade block asset.  Simply fill out the form with the information required for the plugin you choose. You may want to review block editing.

We have now updated all of our plugins to work anywhere you see a block chooser; giving you the freedom to place plugins (nearly) anywhere you want.

Plugins can now be used in:

  • In any column on a page (Normal Page)
  • Sidebars (Setup Block, Section Block)
  • In a column in the Footer (Setup Block)

Select Add Content>Plugin for a list of available plugins

Attach a Plugin to a Page

Once you've created the block for the plugin(s) you'd like to add to your site, You'll need to attach the block to the page where you'd like it to display.

For any column on a page, you'll see a "Advanced" section. Within this section, there are two block choosers (Above and Below). Attach the block you created to one of these regions and click submit.

Attach a plugin block nearly anywhere you see this block chooser