Research Publication and Grant Preparation (RPGP)

Frontiers in Psychology Journal Article on RPGP

A Research Publication and Grant Preparation Program for Native American Faculty in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM): Implementation of the Six R's Indigenous Framework article in Frontiers in Psychology Journal.


Faculty members in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines are typically expected to pursue grant funding and publish to support their research or teaching agendas. Providing effective professional development programs on grant preparation and management and on research publications is crucial. This study shares the design and implementation of such a program for Native STEM faculty (NAF-STEM) from two tribal colleges and one public, non-tribal, Ph.D. granting institution during a 3-year period. The overall development and implementation of the program is centered on the six R’s Indigenous framework – Respect, Relationship, Representation, Relevance, Responsibility, and Reciprocity. The role of NAF-STEM and their interactions with the program, as members of the community formed by their participation, impacted the program. Their practices and the program co-emerged over time, each providing structure and meaning for the other. Through such reciprocity, NAF-STEM and the program research team continually refined the program through their mutual engagement. They took on the shared responsibility of the program while they participated in and shaped its practices. The process and results of formative and summative assessment and the impact of COVID-19 on the program are reported. Results of the program offer lessons on the implementation of six R’s framework in professional development at institutions of higher education.

Figure 1. below illustrates the Six Rs serving as the overarching framework surrounding Willow's work and encompassing the elements of the RPGP. Individual Native American Faculty in STEM are represented at the center of our evolving journey. Stemming from Indigenous worldviews, the Six Rs honor Indigenous knowledge systems and support cultural integrity. The circles depict ongoing relationship building with each other, our communities, environments, and beyond. Our shared knowedge unites us through our collaborations. It provides a more cohesive Indigenous voice for Professional Development in academia and elevates Indigenous communities.
A graphic depiction of the research publication and grant preparation program with six r's
 Figure 2 below demonstrates the five key elements of the development process of the RPGP under the Six Rs guiding principles. The green arrows circular connection indicates the interactive and iterative nature among all the elements. Additional details of the five elements are provided in the article and information on how the Six Rs were necessary for program adaptation is described in the Discussion section of the article. Understanding individual context and taking personal preferences into consideration resulted in further adaptation of the Willow RPGP Professional Development program.
Graphic depiction of six r's with research publication and grant preparation process with evolving adjustment