Property Management

  • Collects surplus UM office and other equipment.
  • Redistributes surplus UM office and other equipment.
  • Inventories and audits equipment valued over $5,000.
  • Assists with the sale and disposal surplus assets.

Important Note:
Disposal of surplus University property is governed by State law. Some legal points to remember: Dismantling equipment to salvage parts is permissible if approved by Business Services Property Management. All University-owned software and data must be permanently deleted from surplus computers before disposal.

Surplus Property Definition:
Equipment/property no longer needed by the University. This includes property that has a remaining useful life, obsolete property, scrap materials, property that has completed its useful life cycle, and damaged property.

Surplus Declaration Form

For questions or concerns regarding surplus equipment please contact:

JoDel Travis
(406) 243-6628

Tara Scott
Financial Manager
The University of Montana Business Services
Mail Stop 2304
32 Campus Drive Missoula, MT 58012
406) 243-5802