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GrizMart is the University of Montana’s online Procurement system designed to increase efficiencies in shopping, ordering, and buying goods. Users can search multiple vendor catalogs to find the products they want at a lower University negotiated price while reducing time spent price comparing.

Shop for products, create purchase orders, and enter invoices seemlessly into Banner. GrizMart offers a cost-saving procurement solution free of paper clutter promoting a greener campus.

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New Vendors to Check Out!

AE Bios Logo Encompass Logo

AE bios, Inc. is a women owned, small business here in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We have 17 years in this business, and two as AE bios.  We are a distributor of both molecular biology equipment/supplies and clinical chemistry/clinical supplies. Our focus is two-fold.  Bring forth to the customer the absolute best product and the absolute best service.  Business is as simple as that! 

 AE bios has an excellent array of product lines such as microscopes, media products, balances and other large and small lab equipment for any microbiology laboratory.  In addition to laboratory equipment, AE bios markets laboratory consumables too.  Due to the small size of AE bios, we are able to work pricing that is lower BECAUSE THERE IS NO MIDDLEMAN. 

Encompass Supply is your top janitorial and cleaning supplier for all paper, can liners, disposable food service, chemicals and equipment. We work closely with departments within your campus currently to provide green seal certified facility supplies geared towards increased efficiency, and helping save you time and money. We are on campus twice a week and back all of our products with industry leading service and guarantees.

  •  As of March 1st 2017 the GrizMart Home page will look different. We've went to the use of widgets which allows for a more customizable homescreen.  To see an example click here.
  • Do you need shredding or destruction services?  The State of MT has a contract (SPB14-2333J-2) with Recall solutions click on the contract # to find contact info.
  • Advanced Systems Group is a State of Montana contracted vendor, they offer computing equipment along with consulting and engineering services. Click here to find out more.
  • Our next encumbrance clean up and form changes will occur in Fiscal Year End  2017 Fiscal Year Start 2018 June2017/July2017
  • Did you know Office City has worked with HP to offer up to a 15% discount on most HP toner? Check out the Office punchout to see more.
  • How do you know if you should use line level accounting?  Click HERE!


grizmart, procurement made simple.

grizmart, procurement made simple.


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