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If this is the first time you are visiting this site, please read the following information which gives you an overview of the site and basic navigation information.


This site will be used for access to the central repository of procedure documents published by Business Services. A portion of the documents are kept in a secured area and will only be accessible by authorized users.

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Main Hall

There are three levels of "security" for posted procedure documents:

  • Campus Users - anyone who has access to the UM domain (i.e. has a user id and password on the UM domain)
  • Central Office Users - staff within a central business/administration office on one of the four UM campuses (i.e. Business Office, Budget Office, Research Accountants, etc.)
  • Missoula Internal Users - Missoula staff within a central office (as defined above).

Basic Navigation

There are three ways to get to a document - by navigating to pages from links on the left, searching for a document or by knowing the URL (document address), typically used by bookmarking a previous document.