Griz Family Portal


In an effort to meet the needs of our UM students, and to encourage the proper safeguarding of their UM CyberBear user ID and password, the Griz Family Portal provides a way for a student to identify a person as a proxy and grant permission for the proxy to perform certain tasks.

The student controls whom they identify as a proxy and what tasks that proxy can perform. When the student selects the tasks that a proxy can perform, they are authorizing the proxy to view the same web pages they see when they are in CyberBear. The student is able to modify the permissions, set date ranges that the permissions are active for and view a log and history of the most recent activity.

The Griz Family Portal facilitates the ability for a UM student to allow someone to perform only the tasks they choose. If the proxy has questions about the information they are viewing, the proxy should speak directly to the student.

For help, please contact IT Central: 1-406-243-HELP

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