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Procard Reports can be requested by Department Account Managers only.  UM Procard simplifies departmental purchasing by enabling designated UM employees (cardholders) to make appropriate purchases from vendors for The University using a charge card.

Prior to login: please review the Reports Help guide.

Procard Login

Reports Support: Kay Lamphiear
See Also: NetID Password Management

UM Procard At-A-Glance
The UM Procard may be used for purchases of $5000 or less and up to $15,000 if the cardholder has attended Limited Solicitation training.

UM Procard cannot be used for:

  • Cash Advances
  • Per Diem Meals
  • Entertainment
  • Gift Cards/Gift Certificates
  • Personal Expenses
  • Special Requirement Items
  • Purchases to be reimbursed by the UM Foundation

UM Procard holders are responsible for:

  • All activity on their cards.
  • Retaining all original itemized Procard receipts and submitting them to their departments' Procard Account Managers.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen UM Procard

  • Report a lost/stolen UM Procard 24 hrs/7 days a week call immediately:
  • Notify Procard Administrator as soon as possible.
US Bank Customer Service

Making a UM Procard Purchase

  1. Have vendor include an original itemized receipt with the merchandise.
  2. Ensure that the vendor has the correct shipping information, and your department address for billing--especially when ordering by phone.
  3. When goods arrive, confirm receipt by signing the shipping document.
  4. Maintain original itemized receipts and attach to monthly statements

How to obtain a UM Procard

  • Read the UM Procard Purchasing Procedure manual.
  • Complete the UM Procard Quiz using the UM Microsoft browser, then complete the UM Procard application with your department Procard Account/Business Manager, obtaining approval from your department head and forward the application to Business Services Procard.
  • Your application will not be processed without successful completion of the Procard Quiz.
  • Your card takes about 10 business days to arrive.  You will be notified by Business Services Procard to pick up your card in Business Services and sign your cardholder agreement.  ID will be requested for pick up of your Procard.  You will also be given instructons on how to activate your card. 
  • You should sign your card and keep it in a secure location.

UM Procard Reconciliation Schedule   - Click Here for Printable Version

Cycle Date
Cycle Report Notification sent to UM Procard Dept. Manager when transactions are available.
Redistribution complete by UM Procard Dept. Manager
by 5:00 p.m.
Cycle 01 07/01/13 - 07/22/13 07/29/13
Cycle 02 07/22/13 - 08/21/13 08/28/13
Cycle 03 08/22/12 - 09/23/13 09/30/13
Cycle 04 09/23/13 - 10/21/13 10/28/13
Cycle 05 10/22/13 - 11/21/13 11/28/13
Cycle 06 11/22/13 - 12/23/13 12/30/13
Cycle 07 12/23/13 - 01/21/14 01/28/14
Cycle 08 01/22/14 - 02/21/14 02/28/14
Cycle 09 02/22/14 - 03/21/14 03/28/14
Cycle 10 03/22/14 - 04/21/14 04/28/14
Cycle 11 04/22/14 - 05/21/14 05/28/14
Cycle 12 05/22/14 - 06/23/14 06/30/14
Cycle 13 06/22/14 - 06/30/14 07/07/14

Business Services
Emma B. Lommasson Center
Room 236
The University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812