Curry Health Center Dental

Your Curry Health Center Dental Clinic provides accessible and affordable dental care to UM students who have paid the Curry Health Fee.  We serve students and only students.  Our fees are generally 50%-75% less than other Dental offices in the community.  We prioritize dental emergencies and also provide routine treatment.  Fees vary for services and we bill your student account so payment is not required at the time of visit.  


You can now schedule a dental cleaning appointment online.  Please click here to schedule one now.


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Exams and X-Rays
Teeth Cleanings and Oral Hygiene Care
Low Cost Dental Fillings Missoula
Root Canals & Extractions


For a complete list of hours, check our contact/hours page.


Main Entrance, Upstairs and to the Right


Call to make an appointment: 406-243-5445.  E-MAIL -