The Montana University System requires all students taking 6 or more state supported on campus credits to have and maintain major medical insurance.

 Medical insurance plans vary. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that the health coverage plan you are currently under covers you for medical services while you are attending classes at the University of Montana. You can do this by contacting your current health insurance carrier.

Unexpected medical bills can threaten your ability to complete your education. Here at the University of Montana, we want our students to succeed and adequate insurance ensures you get the care you need to maintain good health. If you find you have inadequate insurance coverage, or you are uninsured, there are resources to help you obtain health coverage while you are a student at the University of Montana. Accept the student insurance plan during registration and contact the Student Insurance Advocate for more information.

A Message From the Student Insurance Office:

The Medicaid Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) program is currently being re-evaluated by Montana Medicaid to determine the cost effectiveness of participation by the Montana University System. However, until further notice, all Montana Medicaid clients must proceed to apply for the program. Please see the Medicaid section of this site.

For those students who have opted into the student insurance and turned in documentation to apply for the HIPP program for Fall 2019, the Student Insurance office is working diligently with Student Accounts on how to address the student insurance charge.

You will be notified, via your student email account, when these issues have been resolved. If you have questions, please, contact me at studentinsurance@mso.umt.edu, or you can call 406-243-2844. Please, do NOT contact the Student Accounts office.

The Student Insurance office is experiencing high volumes of emails and voicemails at this time, and will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Dawn Camara-Clark
Student Insurance Advocate



Changes to your initial insurance selection during the registration process cannot be made through Cyberbear. You must contact the Student Insurance Advocate BEFORE  the 15th class day with this request.

For questions, or more information on any part of the insurance site, please contact the Student Insurance Advocate at 406-243-2844 or studentinsurance@mso.umt.edu.


Attention Students with Medicaid, Medicare or TRICARE

We would love to be your health care provider.  We office greatly reduced prices for services at Curry Health Center for all UM students.

Please note:  We are not Medicaid, Medicare or TRICARE providers.  Medicaid, Medicare nor TRICARE will not pay for any services received at Curry Health Center.

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Main Entrance, Upstairs and to the Left
Room 172


Dawn Camara-Clark
Phone: 406-243-2844  |  Fax: 406-243- 6981
Email: StudentInsurance@mso.umt.edu