Traveler's Health

Curry Health Center provides travel services for students, faculty and staff who plan to travel or study abroad.  We will customize your appointment to the countries you will be visiting.  This includes:

  • Country-by-country analysis of your itinerary.
  • Review of previous immunizations.
  • Travel immunizations.
  • Malaria prevention advice/prescriptions.
  • Traveler's diarrhea treatment advice/prescriptions.
  • Food and insect precautions.
  • General travel and health information.
  • Safety recommendations when traveling.
  • Post travel follow-up

Several weeks may be required to complete a needed vaccine series.  Initial appointments should be made at least six weeks prior to departure.  If this is impossible, we will strive to meet your needs as time allows.

Call to make an appointment: 406-243-4330.

For up-to-date information on health alerts around the world we recommend the Centers For Disease Control's online resource: