Requesting Modifications

The University provides reasonable modifications for equal access.  Students with disabilities are responsible for requesting reasonable modifications for their classes in a timely manner.

Modification requests may be denied if they fall under the following categories: fundamental alteration, undue hardship, administrative burden, retroactive request, and personal service.

The students do not need to disclose the specific name of the disability to their instructors. Instead, we recommend that the students disclose the impact of the disability (e.g. difficulty maintaining consistent visual focus) with the verification letter. 

Steps to request modifications

After students complete registering with Disability Services, students have the responsibility to contact their instructors to request modifications in a timely manner.

Disability Services strongly recommends that you contact your instructors at the beginning of the semester - even if you think you will not use a modification for that course.

Step 1: At the beginning of the semester, send an e-mail to your instructor. The subject line can be ‘Disability Program Modification Request.'  Use the Email Templates or create your own statement. Carbon copy your coordinator on your email. Attach the verification letter

Step 2: Meet with your instructor, request reasonable modifications in a timely manner and make arrangements.