E-Curr Help

While E-Curr is fairly intuitive, the additional information below may be helpful.  Please email Camie.Foos with any suggestions or additions.  

In addition to the itemized list below, use the find feature (Ctrl-F) to search for specific words, like “dissaprove” or “save."  

Autofill Information

Some information will autofill from Banner.  When making a change to a current course, the title will autofill once the Prefix and number are entered.  You must select the title to proceed to the next step in processing.  The current catalog languages will also autofill.

Chair / Director information is incorrect

Contact faculty.senate@mso.umt to make the correction to the drop down list.

Check for Completion

  1. Click CHECK FOR COMPLETION to ensure that all the required fields have been entered into the form.
  2. If corrections are required, a popup message will appear for a section of the form.  The background of the required fields will turn red to make it easier to find the required field.
  3. Once all the required fields have been entered, the SUBMIT button will be enabled.

Cut and Paste

Once a Requestor creates a form and saves it.  Information from the form can be cut and pasted into aother form.  Open the first form and re-enter the system in a separate windo to view to forms at the same time.  

Under “Course Form,” select “Clone” and enter the course number of the original form.  Make all changes necessary and proceed as usual. 


Course forms that have not been submitted may be deleted by the RS.  Simply select the DELETE button at the top or bottom of the form.

Department Notification

If a department wishes to routinely designate someone to approve on behalf of a chair or dean, the chair/dean’s Outlook can be set up with a rule to automatically forward the emails sent from “ecurr@umontana.edu."  When the message is opened in Outlook, go to Rules > Create Rule.


If having trouble logging in:

  1. Be sure the NetID is correct. 
  2. Try to login to UM Login page to be sure the NetID password is not expired.  Resetting the password will often fix the login problem.

Mobile Device Access

Some mobile devices only display a partial message.  You may need to tap the message to view it completely.

The default browser on Android devices may encounter security certificate issues when accessing E-Curr.  Using the browser FireFox will allow access and downloading/viewing of attachments.  


Reports are a listing of courses by curriculum subcommittee, full committee (ASCRC or Graduate Council), catalog (organized by College / School), or course fees.  Departments should use the catalog report function to access a summary of courses approved.  

Reports picture


See Submit below


Click Save to save your current progress.  Save often:  Timeout is one hour

Once the form has been saved, only the Requestor and Additional Editor have the capability to edit. 


Enter search criteria as appropriate.  Text searches return all items containing that text.  Anytime search conditions are changed, the FIND button must be clicked to view results.

Search Results Default to Current Catalog Year.  If you know a form should be in there but isn’t, be sure to double check the input information, and realize that Search defaults to the current fiscal year. 

Copy into Excel.  When a search is complete, it is possible to copy those cells and paste into excel for further manipulation.

Status Definitions

In Progress

When course form is submitted for approval, E-Curr automatically changes status to “In Progress.”


Once submitted, the course form can only be edited if an approver rejects it.  Should it need to be edited, the Chair can edit or disapprove with comments for the RS to revise.  If the subcommittee recommends an insignificant edit and has permission from the RS, the CRA can make it when the course form reaches the full committee.
  • Course form is disapproved at any point in routing queue and returned to RS for revision.  E-Curr automatically changes status to “Disapproved.” The RS can then open (show) the form, make necessary corrections, and then save and resubmit.  When resubmitted, the status will automatically change from “Disapproved” to “In Progress” as the routing begins. 

In Review

Course form has been approved by all approvers and is now being reviewed by the curriculum subcommittee


The full committee as well as the Faculty Senate has approved the course form.  Faculty Senate approves most curricular items in November and December. Note:  OCHE is notified in December and the system level review is initiated.


Click SUBMIT to begin the review and approval process. 

Once submitted, the information cannot be changed unless rejected by an approver.

Approval is sequential and based on the e-mail groups in the ROUTING QUEUE (under the ENDORCEMENT/APPROVALS section.) 

If approvers indicate they are not receiving notifications, have them:

  • check the validity of their umontana aliases;
  • confirm that E-Curr emails are not going into junk mail folders; if this is occurring, instruct folks to open an E-Curr message and  Junk, flag "Never Block Sender;"
  • log directly into E-Curr and check their “Proposals Awaiting My Approval” or “My Proposals Not Approved” sections on their E-Curr home page.

Tracking the Routing:  Users can open the Course Form at any time and monitor the routing progress by going to REVIEW AND APPROVALS. 

approval picture

The RS can resend the notice to approver through the ROUT SUMMARY function.    

route summary picture

Umontana Alias Address

Follow the directions at: http://umt.edu/it/support/email/umalias.php


Syllabi and other attachments must be uploaded prior to submission.  Save does not upload the attachments.