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  • Slide Title: slide1 Slide Caption: We invite you to become part of the growing Big Sky Culinary Institute family
  • Slide Title: slide2 Slide Caption: Nestled in the beautiful Missoula Valley, Big Sky Culinary Institute has the best the Northwest has to offer
  • Slide Title: slide3 Slide Caption: Big Sky Culinary Institute pledges to impart professional knowledge and skills and to provide an excellent and dynamic learning environment through creative educational and hands-on training opportunities
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Experience Big Sky Culinary Institute in Missoula, MT

Set in a beautiful valley next to the Clark Fork River, our campus is no doubt a top choice for students wanting to jump into the culinary world.  You can’t help but be empowered by the drive and enthusiasm coming from our students and faculty, all of whom have one thing in common – a love for the art of cuisine. 

Whether you are a student seeking a culinary arts degree, interested in the hospitality industry,  or a hopeful restaurateur, you will feel right at home at Big Sky Culinary Institute. 

Big Sky Culinary Institute Faculty

The quality and passion our faculty exudes is one of the main reasons Big Sky Culinary Institute should be on the top of your list.  All of our faculty members and ACF approved chef instructors are devoted and talented teachers, each possessing a unique set of skills and experiences that will prepare you for the real world with a well-rounded understanding of all things food.

Big Sky Culinary Institute Mantra

WorkTight.jpg WorkClean.jpg

No matter the program, no matter the assignment: Work tight, work clean and work with a sense of urgency. We know what it takes to work in restaurant kitchens. We know what chefs and restaurant owners expect out of the people prepping and cooking their food. We teach real-world skills that our students learn with hands-on training. It’s a refreshing and proven approach, and one designed to instill our graduates with a high level of confidence.

We also have a network of chefs and restaurants in Missoula and across the country with whom we place our students. We partner with each of our students to help them find an internship or externship that fits their skills and long-term career goals. All the while, we teach our students to work tight, work clean, work with a sense of urgency. We demand it. But more importantly, the employers demand it.

We also know there’s more to being a good chef than having skills and confidence. That’s why we ensure our students learn food ethics and what goes into making the business of a restaurant work. Students have the opportunity to work in our own student-operated fine-dining restaurant before embarking on professional internships and externships.


Visit Big Sky Culinary Institute in Missoula

Public tours led by faculty are available upon request.