CyberBear Instructions for Faculty & Advisors

CyberBear log in web page  (

  • Enter your NetID (two letters followed by six numbers (ab123456).  Employee NetID's will have an "e" at the end (ab123456e).
  • Enter NetID password. It you've never logged in with your NetID, your password is the last six digits of your 790#. 
  • The first time you log in you will be promoted to change your password and establish a security question and answer. This will allow you to reset your password later if you forget it.

You can find your NetID using the online NetID lookup tool.  If you are a student who has requested confidentiality through the Registrar's Office, your information will not display in the NetID lookup.

If you can't remember your password, click on the password reset button on the login page.

Click on Cyberbear For Faculty & Advisors.

A page emphasizing privacy and confidentiality of student information appears. Please read it carefully and contact the Registrar's Office if have any questions regarding the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

To continue, check the box at the bottom of the page.

The Main Menu will now appear and it will display the following options

  • Faculty Detail Schedule
  • Faculty Schedule by Day/Time
  • Detail Class List
  • Summary Class List
  • Final Grades
  • Registration Overrides
  • Student Menu: Information About Students
  • Advisor Menu: Transcripts & Degree Audit

You are now ready to login to Cyberbear, please click below or continue reading for more information.


Faculty Detail Schedule

Displays classes you're teaching each semester. Useful information includes the Course Request Numbers (CRN), the number of students currently registered for each class and the class room assignment.

Faculty Schedule by Day/Time

Class matrix for days of the week, hours of the day.

Detail Class List

A block of information (including major and class) pertaining to each student registered in your classes.

Summary Class List

Displays the names of all students registered for each of your classes. Contains up-to-date information, showing the level (undergrad-grad) and the grade mode (traditional letter grade, credit/no-credit or audit) for each student. View student withdrawals or class drops after the 3rd week of the semester. Access to student information such as phone numbers, mailing address and email. Option for emailing the entire class roster is available as well.

Final Grades

Use this choice to send grades to the Registrar's Office at the end of each semester. A drop-menu will display the allowable grades for each student. Click a grade choice to assign. Use the submit button at the bottom of the page to send the final grade assignments.

Registration Overrides

Issues a student an "electronic ticket" which grants access to one of your classes. This can be used in place of the Override Slip. Can be used when your class is full or if the student has a class or major different than the required one, or when requiring consent for all students. Once you submit the Override, the student is then able to register for the class in Cyberbear.

  1. In CyberBear, choose “CyberBear for Faculty and Advisers” and answer the FERPA warning.

  2. Choose the term the student will be taking the course.

  3. Choose “Registration Overrides.”

  4. Enter the student’s ID number or look the student up by name and confirm that you have the correct student.

  5. Enter the overrides. Choose the type of override and course from the drop down menu.

PLEASE NOTE: There are FOUR different types of electronic overrides:
- Choose “Missoula College Override” to override a college restriction. Missoula College instructors can use this override to allow Mountain Campus students to register for their classes. Missoula College students wishing to register for Mountain Campus courses should see their advisors at Missoula College. 
- Choose “Overrides” to enter consent-of-instructor overrides and overrides for student level and student major restrictions. Keep in mind that this option ONLY works for these types of restrictions. 
- Choose “Pre-Requisite Waiver” to override pre-requisite or co-requisite requirements.
- Choose the “Closed Section” override if the course has closed. This option will only appear after the first day of the term. Sorry, you can’t override a waitlist until the first day of classes.

  1. Submit, review your selections, and submit again.

  2. Remind the student that they need to register for the course via CyberBear.

Exporting Class Roster for Grading

Importing Grade Spreadsheets

New Faculty - Manual Grade Entry

Downloadable Instructional Guides (PDFs)

Manual Grade Entry

Exporting Grading Sheet

Importing Grading Sheet

Importing Moodle Grades