Assistance in Washington

The University works with Van Scoyoc Associates (VSA) in Washington, D.C. on a variety of tasks including increasing our external funding and informing our legislative delegation of the current University priorities. In addition to working with the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship, VSA provides support to UM faculty in a variety of other means. These include:

  1. Information on bills, legislation, hearings, reports, administration policy proposals, proposed regulations, Executive orders, etc.
  2. Assistance in identifying relevant program managers in departments and agencies.
  3. Assistance with making appointments on the Hill and in the Executive agencies.
  4. Help in preparing materials for Hill and agency visits.
  5. Help in preparing for presentations, reverse site visits, etc.
  6. Advice on grant preparation; review of proposals.
  7. Space for individuals to work when in DC or for meetings. Space is in VSA offices at 101 Constitution Ave NW.

If you would like to utilize VSA for one of these services please contact the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship to begin working with them.