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PETSAPETSA - Personal Empowerment Through Self Awareness
Mandatory online training for all UM students

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Behavioral Health Options (formerly Self Over Substance)

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Know Your IX - Empowering Students to Stop Sexual Violence

Not Alone - Together Against Sexual Assault

PACT5 - Preventing Sexual Assault on College Campuses

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UM Courses

The following UM courses deal with topics relevant to gender, domestic and sexual violence, and/or gendered communication:

Course code Course title


American Indian Health Issues

WGS 263

Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

WGS 295

Media Representations of Women, Men, and Sexuality

WGS 363

Theories and Methods of Feminist Inquiries

WGS 275

Gender and Society

PSYX 348

Psychology of Family Violence

COMM 380

Gender and Communication

HSTA 371

Women in America from the Civil War to the Present

HSTA 385

Families and Children in America

MCLG 191

Human Rights Issues in Latin American Literature and Film

WGS 295

Intimate Family Relations

PSYX 291 01B

Intimate Family Relations

COUN 295 01B

Intimate Family Relations

SOCI 101

Introduction to Sociology

SOCI 488

Writing for Sociology - Changing topics course; contact Brandy at 243-5281 for specific information

SOCI 561

Qualitative Methods

ANTY 227

Human Sexuality

ANTY 427

Anthropology of Gender

ANTY 492

Cultural Studies - Independent Study - Contact Professors Kimber McKay or Gigi Weix for specific course information


Missoula 911

Student Advocacy Resource Center

Crime Victim Advocate

Campus Offices

Residence Life Office

Dean of Students

Title IX Coordinator in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action