UM Summer 2019

Make your Summer count!

Stay on track to graduate in four years | Complete required classes | Take special topic and field courses | Enjoy Missoula and campus in summer

Summer Session '19 Schedule

New courses are being added regularly. Continue to check often to find more courses!  Get ahead, catch up, stay on track:

We offer eight different sessions:

Summer Session Dates and Section Numbering Table
Session Dates Section Numbering
First 3-week session:   May 6 - May 24 30F
Second 3-week session:   May 28 - June 14 30G
Third 3-week session:   July 8 - July 26 30H
Fourth 3-week session: July 29 - August 16 30I
First 6-week session: May 13 - June 21 01B-20B
Second 6-week session: July 8 - August 16 01E-20E
12-week session (no classes on the week of July 4): May 13 - August 9 1-20
Special sessions (can start and end at any time within this period):   May 6 - August 16 See Cyberbear

All online courses are section 5x (50, 51, etc.). Section numbers with a "C" on the end are Missoula College courses.  Please check Cyberbear for start and end dates for these online courses as these can fall under any of the Summer sessions. If the start and end dates differ from the regular 3, 6, and 12-Week Sessions, please refer to the Special Sessions guide of our Summer 2019 Registration Deadlines Chart (Coming Soon) for Add/Drop/Change deadlines.