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Note: Summer 2020 course offerings are not currently finalized.  Please check this site periodically for future updates.

Summer Session Dates

We offer seven different sessions.  When browsing via Course Search, be sure to expand the "Meeting Times" column to see the "Start Date" and "End Date" for a given section.  Please consult the Summer homepage calendars or the Academic Calendar for session dates and other Summer 2020 calendar information.

When seeking courses by session via Course Search, refer to the following key to find their assigned Section Number Range:

Summer Course Section Numbering Key
Session Section Number Range
12-Week Session  01-20
6-Week Session I 01B-20B
6-Week Session II 01D-20D
3-Week Session I 30F-40F
3-Week Session II 30G-40G
3-Week Session III 30H-40H
3-Week Session IV 30I-40I
Special Session 01S-20S

***There are a few exceptions to this convention, such as MBA and PT courses which may have slightly different section numbers.  Honors sections are usually section 8x (80, 81, etc.).  Online courses are section 5x (50, 51, etc.). Section numbers with a "C" on the end are Missoula College courses.  Please check Cyberbear for the start and end dates for online courses as these can fall under any of the Summer sessions.  Special Session courses can have a start date and end date that falls at any time within the Summer Semester date range (May 11th to August 14th, 2020).***  

Summer Courses by Colleges and Schools