Tutoring for Spring Semester 2017 is in full swing in the Resource Library (Lommasson 154)!  Our tutors are an excellent resource to help you get a jump on the new semester.  Our tutor schedule will let you know what subjects are being covered and when you can find the right tutor for you.  We hope the semester is off to a great start!

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TRiO helps students succeed!  Our students are rockstars who continually challenge themselves, inspire our staff and set and example for their peers.  Each month we feature a TRiO SSS student who has excelled in their studies and is progressing toward graduation!

March 2017 Students of the Month

Andrew Dill - Management Information Systems

Klaire Taylor - Student of the Month

I am extremely honored to be Trio’s Student of the Month for the month of March! I love this program and will hopefully be a contributor in the months and years to come. My story is not so unusual to those of us who are privileged to be Trio students. “Non-traditional”, a “colorful” past, a “help-full” present, and a hope-full future. I have come to appreciate and respect everyone who has done the work and earned their degree in whatever their field of study might be. Simply put, it’s not easy and the challenges of perseverance, while learning to accept my weaknesses, as well as my strengths might be the most difficult of all-(outside of statistics of course). The University of Montana Trio staff is special and will always have a place in my heart and future plans.

As I said, my story isn’t so unusual. I am fifty-three years old with some scarce previous college experience. I never really had my sights set on a degree as much as I did simply wanting to learn more about music, psychology, writing and such. So I took classes to accommodate my strengths. Presently, I have learned what it means to actually “learn”. Taking classes that I am not well suited for have strengthened me in the weaker places that I never liked talking about. My setbacks have humbled me, but have also help me to see that I must do the work to get to the level of life I have always spoke of but not yet attained to. Being the oldest of five siblings, in a broken home, it was always easier to rely on excuses rather than facing the truth and learning how to push through to succeeding in a certain area. My default was to drink my failures away and deny that they existed…until now. College is helping me to learn who I “really” am, rather than who I “think” I am, and that reality is actually much better as I continue forward in my education.

I have been married twice, and have two amazing girls ages 15 and 21 who live in the Seattle area. As I work on getting myself together our relationship is slowly improving. There are a lot of things I am learning to deal with on life’s terms and while I may not always like who I am, I am learning to accept who I am, without making excuses for my mistakes. As we say, progress-not perfection. As I began with, I am extremely honored to be Trio’s Student of the Month because if it wasn’t for Trio I would not be in school right now. I will always have a debt of gratitude for the ones who make this program what it is, and hope to continue in our relationships. I’m sure they will agree that if “Drew” can do this, anyone can! Thanks again for all you are helping me to be.


Todd Smith - Social Work

Todd Smith - March 2017 Student of the Month

My name is Todd Smith and I am a nontraditional freshman student in the Social Work program at the University of Montana.  I am originally from Polson, Montana where I was born and raised.  My background was in construction and concrete work for the last 25 years. I am returning to school to become a licensed addiction counselor and work with individuals who struggle with addiction.  I have three kids and one beautiful granddaughter who is my best friend in the world.  Much of what I do is in order to provide a good example for them and show them that you can make your life whatever you want, regardless of what you’ve been through.

Over the course of my first three semesters at the University, I’ve already learned more than I imagined, both in the classroom, but also how to work through the system.  I would encourage all new students to ask lots of questions, to find out what help is available and not be afraid to get that assistance wherever possible.  Treating your school and your efforts to get different resources as your job makes life a lot easier and keeps you on the right track.