Tutoring for Fall Semester 2016 is in full swing in the Resource Library (Lommasson 154)!  Our tutors are an excellent resource to help you get a jump on the new semester.  Our tutor schedule will let you know what subjects are being covered and when you can find the right tutor for you.  We hope the semester is off to a great start!

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TRiO helps students succeed!  Our students are rockstars who continually challenge themselves, inspire our staff and set and example for their peers.  Each month we feature a TRiO SSS student who has excelled in their studies and is progressing toward graduation!

October 2016 Student of the Month

Tom Wolf - Social Work

Tom Wolf - Student of the Month

  My name is Thomas (Tom) Wolf and I refuse to tell my true age so don’t let my grey hair fool you. It is a sign of wisdom not old age. I have been married for over 32 years with two grown children and two beautiful granddaughters. I have retired from one career then decided to return to the University of Montana to get my second degree where I will be majoring in Social Work and minoring in Psychology. I discovered that I could add a minor by just adding 3 credits to my graduation plan.

  One of my careers had me working with children with disabilities/challenges in a middle school setting and my heart went out to the children. The home lives of some of these children crushed me beyond belief and sent me home wondering how things could have gotten so bad for them that the only place that they could feel safe was at school. Without a degree, I could not do anything for them. So I turned to the University of Montana to help me to help them and found out that with a Social Work degree, it would open so many doors for me that I did not know were there on my journey.

  I have over 35 years of various work experiences, over five years at the University of Montana, two at the College of Technology (72 credits) three on the main campus, in addition to enlisting in the military just before getting out of high school and serving my Country.  I also have a physical disability that has changed my life forever. Getting injured is highly over rated and I don’t recommend ever doing it.  With my Faith in God, the help of family, friends, and the staff here at TRIO and Disability Services, my ability to function while attending school has been made much easier.