With our years of experience at UM we have built an extensive network of programs that can be helpful to students, both on- and off-campus. You wouldn't believe the number of programs and offices we've worked with as we have helped students solve problems that can create obstacles to their success in college. Here are just a few of the offices and programs we work with frequently:

  • The Writing Center: The Writing Center is integrated into our C&I 160 class and can help you develop the skills you need to master college level writing. Our programs work together to help you pass the Writing Proficiency Assessment
  • Undergraduate Advising Center: we work closely with UAC in the delivery of our academic advising services
  • Campus Tutoring
  • Financial Aid Office: this is an excellent website that should be used by all students at UM who depend on financial aid (that's about 70% of our students!)
  • FAFSA - Free Application For Federal Student Aid
  • Understanding the FAFSA
  • American Indian Student Services: This office exists to provide support for the 500+ American Indian students on our campus
  • Counseling and Psychological Services: when individual or group counseling could help you address problems that are getting in the way of your success, this office has an excellent staff whose careers are focused on working with college student issues.
  • Griz Central: the best question/answer website at UM, on just about every topic you can imagine!