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TRIO helps students succeed!  Our students are rockstars who continually challenge themselves, inspire our staff and set and example for their peers.  Each month we feature a TRIO SSS student who has excelled in their studies and is progressing toward graduation!

January 2019 Student of the Month

Sandy Sweet - Communication & Science Disorders

 Sandy Sweet

Hello Everyone!! My name is Sandy Sweet and I am so honored to be selected as the Trio Scholar of the Month for January!

   I am a single mother of four grown children, two dogs and one guinea pig named Hershel! They are my greatest loves.  I am a senior in the CSD department which stands for Communicative Sciences and Disorders.  It is the undergraduate program to becoming a Speech Language Pathologist.  

I am a very non-traditional student. My biggest struggle in this journey has been learning Tech as a Second Language. Believe it or not, when I was in college the first time, there were few computers, and no cell phones or laptops. My work before returning to college required little to no computer usage either.

So, I’ve spent many hours and tears trying to learn to do and find things on a computer, that I could have easily accomplished in very little time with pen and paper. 

I love people and animals and plants. I love the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Yankees. My favorite recent leisure read is the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. I’m listening to Michelle Obama’s book Becoming on Audible (so far fantastic). My recent movie likes: The Hate You Give and The Mule. I love riding my bike when it’s not snowy and icey. I love going for long walks with my dogs. In Missoula I guess it’s called hiking, but when you are a flatlander from Northeastern Montana… no mountains in sight… it’s just walking!  I’ve studied four different languages, but sadly am fluent in none and have been known to eavesdrop on people who speak other than English, or those who have what I consider fascinating accents!  (Scottish, Irish, Australian, Nigerian……)

I love people, and I love advocating for students (or anyone for that matter) whose day I might be able to make a little brighter, a little more doable, a little less heavy. I have lived through much and have been on the dark side of insidious depression and what seemed like defeat. If I can do this, you can do this!

 College is hard and takes courage, strength, and a vision! Know your why! It takes wise, consistent and loving support from others, (in my case, LOTS of it)! Guard yourself and your dreams with all that is in you! Free yourself from anything and anyone that does not support you and your dream. It’s a difficult ride but worth the reward in so many ways! Pack light and don’t carry the extra baggage!

If you are reading this you are in the realm of TRIO! Welcome and embrace it, as all who are here are ready to welcome and embrace you and your journey of education!