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June 2015 Student of the Month - Recent Graduate!

Jack Lund - Sociology / Criminology

Jack Lund Photo

My name is Jack S. Lund and I am a 52 year old, non traditional student. I started this journey four years ago after spending seven years installing satellite systems. Prior to that I was a Harley Davidson mechanic for fourteen years. Through my experience installing satellite dishes I met three probation officers and discussed in depth, the specifics of their jobs. They pointed me here, to the University of Montana to pursue a degree in Sociology (with an emphasis on Criminology). I have made it no secret that I have a “checkered past,” but I am also 11 years clean & sober and I've been taught to live with transparency. Overall, I have tried to use my past as an example that people can change if given the proper incentive and motivation.

 My goal was to acquire the necessary schooling to become a Parole/Probation officer and to use my background and life experience to help individuals in the system to make a positive change in their lives. I actively pursued the internship at the Missoula Parole/Probation Department specifically to see if I could realistically achieve my goal. I also majored in Psychology and am obtaining a Bachelors degree in that discipline. My thought was that if it was not practical to achieve my objective through corrections, then I would focus on the therapy side of criminality and substance abuse. I am pleased to report that I have been able to work with individuals on both sides of the law through the P&P position and believe that for some, we can help make a substantial change in their lives.

My connection with the people here at TRIO has helped to make this endeavor possible. From early on, having tutors available for some of my math classes, to obtaining financial aid help and suggestions, TRIO has helped me overcome some speed bumps in my academic career. The book loan program in particular has been extremely helpful in lessening my financial burden.

I never knew the trials I would face traveling this path. I achieved my 3rd degree Brown Belt in Kenpo while attending school, but I also went through a divorce midway through my Junior year too. At times it was all I could do to stay focused and see this adventure through to the end. Sometimes school itself was my saving grace when life's struggles became overwhelming. I had to consistently repeat, “keep your eye on the prize.”

As this odyssey is coming to a close, I have hope that the struggles were all worth it. There are a number of possible openings coming up at P&P and I've gotten positive feedback from my supervisors that I have a great deal of skills that they're looking for in this position. Strangely enough I have gotten positive responses from the felons I have supervised as well. They feel that they can talk to me because of my background, but also know that I'll be firm and fair. The future looks optimistic to me and I am grateful to everyone for making this possible.

Thank you,

Jack S. Lund