In-class Workshops and Faculty Consultations

Recommending The Writing Center to your students:

When explaining a writing assignment to your students, stress the importance of revising in response to reader feedback. Encourage students to use The Writing Center early and often. Encourage all students to consult with The Writing Center as they work through the assignment. Emphasize that The Writing Center does not edit or correct papers for students, but helps students become more successful writers as they plan and execute papers. You can also include information about The Writing Center in your syllabus or on your assignment sheet.

Sample Syllabus or Assignment Statement:

The University of Montana Writing Center offers students in all disciplines free support as they write for any course.  Welcoming all students, The Writing Center provides a comfortable environment where students can engage in supportive conversations about their writing and receive feedback at any point during a writing process.  To make an appointment and learn more about The Writing Center’s by-appointment and drop-in hours, visit or call 243-2266.

Please note:  While faculty may require a student to use The Writing Center, students who are required to visit may not be motivated to take full advantage of the tutoring session.  We've found that students who are encouraged but not required to use the Writing Center benefit most from our services.

In-class orientations to the Writing Center’s services:

A brief class visit early in the semester allows us to introduce ourselves and our services to your students.

Customized in-class workshops:

Writing Center staff can work with you to insert assignment- and discipline-specific writing workshops into your course at key points during the semester. Tailored to particular writing assignments and to student needs in the context of your course, these workshops help students recognize and develop good writing behaviors.

Feedback and guidance on writing assignment design:

Writing Center staff can provide feedback and input as you design formal writing assignments. Informed by our experience observing students (mis)interpret writing assignments from across the disciplines, we can help you identify and communicate the key variables students will need to account for in order to produce the kind of writing you expect.

Feedback and guidance in assessing and responding to student writing:

Writing Center staff can offer tips for providing effective and efficient feedback on student writing. In addition, Writing Center staff can look at a set of student papers with you to determine what kinds of interventions and supplemental writing workshops might be helpful.

Ideas for incorporating writing – both graded and non-graded – into the semester:

The Writing Center can consult with you to find ways to incorporate opportunities for writing that will not add to your reading and grading load.